Organisational and Professional Development

Development programmes to help
you provide the best of care

The Organisational and Professional Development department offers a range of development programmes for all staff to provide the Best of Care through the Best of People.

Our MFT Induction programme is compulsory for all new employees and is an opportunity to meet with colleagues and learn more about the Trust, supported by a 2-5 day training programme for our clinical staff members.

To support staff to stay up-to-date with a range of mandatory topics, our learning management system sits within My ESR, allows access to training anywhere, anytime, via smart phone, tablet device, laptop or desktop, and because it’s self-service, you can book yourself onto classroom sessions, and even complete training on the move.

“It was an exciting opportunity to work in a specialist role in critical care and work within an innovative dietetic department.”

The department hosts a range of practical and interactive masterclasses for all staff members who need to build on their knowledge and skills. The Masterclass Programme covers a range of topics including; project management, managing teams fairly, achievement review, giving and receiving feedback, personal effectiveness skills, people management for managers, and customer service.

Developing our leaders is an essential part of our offer, helping to ensure we have an effective and supported workforce. Our Management Leadership Programme supports the development of those who manage others. In addition, our Coach to Lead programme provides a foundation in learning to apply practical coaching skills that will adapt and develop leadership style.

“The drive to be Better, Best, Brilliant is evident in the day to day work that the highly skilled clinicians, nurses, allied health professionals and support staff offer.”

As part of our ongoing commitment to professional development Medway NHS Foundation Trust are pleased to be able to offer MBA, MA, BA, Executive Education, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes via the renowned Henley Business School.

We are delighted to be able to offer a number of new apprenticeship in Leadership and Management, Business Services, Finance, Accounting and HR, Clinical Support Worker, Nursing Associate and Assistant Practitioner alongside our in-house comprehensive clinical pathways.

For further information on careers within Medway NHS Foundation Trust or to apply please email us today.